California is simply amazing. So far, I have: hiked through a grove of redwoods, driven over the Golden Gate Bridge hugged a sequoia visited the Salinas Valley, where my favorite book, East of Eden, takes place paid homage to John Steinbeck (the greatest writer to ever exist), at his gravesite became incredibly dehydrated while […]

Update from California

–       The World’s Vanishing Languages (National Geographic) –       Tracking the Economy and GDP Through Trash (American Public Media) –       Driver Swerves to Avoid Moose, Hits Bear Instead (Reuters) –       Impact of Paul Ryan’s Budget on the Average American Family (Daily Finance) – […]

Jesse’s Links: 8/20

In Portland, I was able to visit with some family on the west coast, including my grandmother, aunt, uncle, and two cousins. I rarely get to see them, so it was especially nice. Portland is an incredibly active, fun city! Next, I’m off to Northern California before driving down to […]

Update from Oregon

–       Inside the Secret Smugglers’ Tunnels of the Gaza Strip (Environmental Graffiti) –       Google’s Self-Driving Cars Clock 300,000 Miles Successfully (Tech Crunch) –       9 Beliefs of Remarkably Successful People (Inc.) –       Rep. Paul Ryan’s Voting Record (OnTheIssues) –       Analysis […]

Jesse’s Links: 8/12

–       A Brilliant Use of Solar Power: Fighting Blackouts in India (Slate) –       The Millennial Teenager: A Generation of Digital Natives (Big Think) –       Decoding the Science of Sleep (Wall Street Journal) –       God and the Ivory Tower: What We […]

Jesse’s Links: 8/6

The road trip continues to go very well. This past week has been great. Upon returning from Bighorn National Forest, I departed with Caleb and Nathan in Buffalo and headed for western Wyoming and Montana. First, I made a pitstop at one of Wyoming’s prehistorical treasures: Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite. Thanks to […]

Update from Montana

Before heading to Wyoming, I spent one last day in South Dakota. Naturally, I visited Mount Rushmore. Mount Rushmore is surrounded by beautiful, towering mountains. After passing through the Monument gates, I followed a meandering road until George Washington’s smiling face appeared in the distance. Mount Rushmore is an extraordinary […]

Update from Wyoming